Firey Racing wrecks

Formula car crashes into flames


Firey Nascar Crash with Geoffrey Bodine at Daytona

geoffrey Bodine at Daytona racing crash

Racing cars in the fog, well that may create a hell of a fireball when they crash because no one can see a damn thing. This really is just a sick fireball of a wreck.

Well he may have got the Nextel cup, other then his firey finish in that race


Car crash?

I guess I am not as sharp as I thought I was. I really thought this was a car crash, then realized its some really crazy piece of art on the wall.



crazy crashes you really gotta wonder about

So exactly how the hell do some of these boats, trains and planes end up in the odd positions they are in… this giant ship for instance, I don’t think it really belogs on its side.

how did the boat fall over - cruise ship accident

and these people here should realize they are riding in a boat and not on top of a school of salmon

boat crash up river

We all know airplanes need gas, but you would never expect the passenger jet to crash into your local Chevron to get itplane crash passenger jet crashes into gas station

This one really makes you scratch your head. What is a train doing coming out of a building?

odd train crash, old train crashes into a building

Stop in the name of the WALL!

Now these guys are serious about this one. Stop, or we will run your dumb ass into a wall… however, this did not go as planned.

I hear the car they were chasing did eventually get caught, and the homeowner liked the new remodel and abstract art piece of “cop car through the bedroom wall”

stop in the name of the law and the wall police car crash into wall

How to park your 15 foot car is a 3 foot space


We all know this one, you just park vertically. This really is one crazy crash, gotta wonder what made the back wheels fall off



The sickest paint job on a car… EVER!

This is not a wreck or crash, but this really is an awsome car! so check this out. This is a car covered in markers and pens of all kind. I looked at it close and identified everything from cheap kids crayolas to the 10 buck a piece high end art markers glued onto this crazy Mercedes Benz.

This is too awsome to even try to explain so let the pictures do the thousand word deal for me! What looks like a rainbow of dry erase is too cool.


car covered in magic markers, crazy and sick paint job




If you look close at the photo of the hood, the pattern made by all the markers looks like a spider… again, way too cool



Wow, I hope there isn’t some poor kid at school going… Why did my dad take all themarkers and stick em on his car.

So who needs paint, when we have markers!


New meaning to pole position as Formula car crashes into a pole

Video of a race track crash where the car hits the pole and fence and wrecks hard. Do not think this one will re-join the race at this one.