Stop in the name of the WALL!

Now these guys are serious about this one. Stop, or we will run your dumb ass into a wall… however, this did not go as planned.

I hear the car they were chasing did eventually get caught, and the homeowner liked the new remodel and abstract art piece of “cop car through the bedroom wall”

stop in the name of the law and the wall police car crash into wall



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  2. the wall decors that we use at home are always related to plants and animals designs “”

  3. wall arts are nice addtion to a great home too. my kids love to see wall arts “

  4. abstract art have share some of its unique beauty when it comes to art. i like abstract art because it is mysterious -.;

  5. this is really funny!!!!!! i would bild around it 🙂

  6. oops!!!!!!!!!!!! mis type :#

  7. ps… that is ment to be a smiley face with duck tape over the mouth. 🙂

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    Stop in the name of the WALL! | Sick Crashes – car, train and plane crashes and wrecks

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