crazy crashes you really gotta wonder about

So exactly how the hell do some of these boats, trains and planes end up in the odd positions they are in… this giant ship for instance, I don’t think it really belogs on its side.

how did the boat fall over - cruise ship accident

and these people here should realize they are riding in a boat and not on top of a school of salmon

boat crash up river

We all know airplanes need gas, but you would never expect the passenger jet to crash into your local Chevron to get itplane crash passenger jet crashes into gas station

This one really makes you scratch your head. What is a train doing coming out of a building?

odd train crash, old train crashes into a building



  1. bahahah that is so funny?

  2. funny

  3. Hello : )
    Very funny pictures indeed, I’m guessing you’ve watched Casshern.
    It’s one of my favourite films.


  4. I really hope they r ok didn’t u see the baby they where saving her/him before them selves

  5. Oh FYI it’s 2012 the world didn’t end

  6. Last one is a famous 1895 accident in Paris-Montparnasse Station. the train platform is above street level and the driver went in too fast. The brakes failed and a lady in the street was killed.

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