The Cannonball Express head on with another train

Cannonball Express and an Atlantic Coast Line freight at Dunlop (not Dunlap) near Petersburg VA on the Saturday, 27th June 1903. The Cannonball was one of N&W crack expresses and on this day it was hauled by N-class 4-4-0 No 29 ( the engine closest to the camera). The train ran from Richmond to Norfolk twice a day and on this day the accident befell the 9 am from Richmond. Running on time, the Cannonball was passing at speed through Dunlop when it collided at speed with a stationary ACL freight hauled by Copperhead 4-6-0 No 335. The freight had stopped to pick up a car but in doing so had fouled the interlocking preventing the pointsman at Dunlop to set the road. This should have indicated to the driver Harry Covington, of the Cannonball that the line was blocked and to slow down but he either did not see the signal or ignored it. He must have seen the standing freight at the last minute as the air brakes were applied and he jumped. Unfortunately, he hit his head on a rail and was killed.

Harry’s nephew Robert was the fireman. He was caught in the wreckage and also killed. In all 2 died and 25 were injured. Amongst the injured was captain Robert Eckles the conductor of the Cannonball. he was attended to by Dr George Font who was a passenger on the train. Less seriously injured were distiguished passengers Judge Mann and Rev. Henry Johnson a well known methodist minister. The crew of the ACL freight were not injured as they jumped when they saw the Cannonball coming. The Coroner’s inquest blamed the ACL for blocking the line in the first place. However, Driver Covington must carry the most blame for driving beyond his ability to stop at the signal.

In an interesting sequal the wreck was the subject of a song by Cleburne Meeks who published it uder the title The Wreck of the N&W Cannonball. This was written long after the wreck in 1927 after Meeks was told the story by W.C. Cousins who had been a flagman on the Cannonball. Meeks himself was a hostler for N&W.

Songs about railroad wrecks were popular and often took liberties with the accuracy of the events. Meek’s song held very much to the details of the accident. Details can be verified in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for 28 to 30th June 1903 and subsequent issues.

In background of the photograph a steam switcher brings up the wrecking train. No 29 has suffered badly in the collision as did the mail car (not visible) immediately behind the overturned tender. No 335 cab has been stove in by telescoping with its tender and the third car of the freight has been demolished by the second over-riding it. At the time mail cars were marshalled behind the locomotive which made mail clerks and sometimes conductors ( who could often be found in the car) vulnerable in the case of accidents. In 1903 an advertisment offered mail clerk jobs at $1600 to $2300 per year.
– per Ray State



Old time train wrecks and derailments

Here are pictures of some historical train wrecks in black and white. These are from the turn of the century and look pretty sick

Some more Black and white old time train wrecks, this one took out the bridge

train derails old locomotive


1889 train accident on a bridge

locomotive or locamotive wreck on bridge in 1900


Marlborough Junc Mass on the New Haven dated Feb 4th 1898. The collision happened on the Clinton and Fitchborough branch. A milk train hauled by 4-4-0 #234 hit head on with a snowplough pushed by two locos (one of which was 823). The 4-4-0 rode up the sloping snowplough blade and perched on the boiler of 823

train crash turn century 1900

Northern Pacific rotary February 11, 1903

On February 10, 1903, betwen Saltese, Montana, and Wallace, Idaho, one Northern Pacific rotary met the full onslaught of the winter snows. A breakdown had trapped them in the deep snow and the crew worked by hand to dig out the train. Inching their way along the tracks in the middle of the night, they halted the train at the “S” Bridge, an 839 foot sinuous trestle on the Coeur d’ Alene branch about 7 miles from Mullan ID, that offered them respite while the snow accumulated in the gulch. A pusher engine and a caboose were left in the open while the remainder rested on solid ground. At seven in the morning a massive snowslide raced down the gulch and ripped out a portion of the bridge. The rear engine and the caboose plunged into the gorge, burying the engine in the deep snow while the caboose and its seven sleeping occupants lay shattered on top. A passenger car, with eight aboard, hung off the end of the broken trestle, dangling from the coupler. Although no-one was killed, it took doctors eleven hours to get the shocked and dazed survivors to the hospital at Wallace.

<old train derailments photo

This turn of the century train derailment happened when the train got snowed in, stopped along a bridge, and the bridge got washed away by snow as the train was on it… talk about bad luck


great old train wreck





Marlborough train wreck, another pick of the train accident from above


1903 train derails, this looks like one sick accident

1903 train accident


to see the rest of the old time train wreck and derailment pictures… just click here



This dude is a walking wreck

Well this is not a video of a cra wreck, but looking at the condition of this fool, I’m pretty sure there was one. This is pretty funny, and luckily this drunk did get pulled over for the DUI cuz he sure did not belong behind the wheel.

I also gotta add… he is gonna have a serious headache when he gets up.

Skateboard silly crashes and the cracked skin to go with

This is a video of some skateboard wrecks… but, these guys not only show-off the skateboard skills, but also the wrecks to the limbs and ego after the crash. K, not car, train or plane wrecks… but still wrecks.


Nick Hogan, on second though, maybe does not need that 200MPH car

hogan_.jpgI am still surprised that parents still buy thier teenage kids with minimal driving experience and tons of “show off” hormones those crazy fast expensive cars that can get the kids killed.Linda Hogan has just released the following statement to “Extra” about her son Nick’s dangerous Sunday crash:“My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital.

nick_crash_800.jpgAt this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family. His sole concern is for the well being of his friend.

On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones.”

In addition, “Extra” has obtained a statement from Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of the Formula Drift series:

nick hogan car crash“Nick is a licensed Formula Drift driver but he has only competed in one Formula Drift competition all year…Formula Drift also holds its licensed drivers to the utmost professional standards and conduct at or away from our competitions.

Formula Drift is withholding any judgment at this time because we do not have all the facts of this matter.

At this time we send our best wishes and support to the Nick, his passenger and their family and friends.”

some of the comments go like this…

This is just another sad and disgusting display of how people with money raise spoiled brats. What is a 17 year old KID doing with a racing car that is capable of driving 200mph?!!Nick has admitted getting pulled over by police several times…(even 3 times in one day!) for going over 120 miles per hour. If a parent allows their CHILD to drive nick_bellea_hogan_car_wreck-2.jpgaround on suburban streets in a car like that, they better be damn sure the child is responsible enough NOT to speed. I feel so horrible that his friend will now pay for the rest of his life. I dont blame Nick….he is acting like the 17 year old spoiled child he is. I blame Hulk and Linda for allowing such behavior…especially since they were aware of his speeding record. My heart goes out to that poor innocent child who will now be the victim for the rest of his life…

hulkhoganap.jpgI know from a few of my friends that getting a 17 year old a really fast car as thier graduation present in never a good idea. My friend got his son a BMW sportscar for his 18th B-day… that kid wrecked it in 2 weeks. My parents did the smart thing, I got the 1977 Ford Granada that I worked and McDonalds to buy for 300 bucks. hat thing was lucky to make it to the speed limit!

I know parents can be suckers and get the kid things they always wanted at thier age… but its normally a mistake.


train wrecks from the old times – train wreck history


Some Great and Historic early Train Wrecks


Numerous train wrecks occurred during the Housatonic Railroad’s 91 years of operation. Passengers were always at risk of accidents that infrequently occurred. Since the line was on a single lane of tracks, most of the serious accidents were head-on collisions. The picture of the train wreck shown here was captioned “Housatonic RR Wreck in Long Hill 1889.” In an 1865 wreck, eleven persons died and another 27 were injured when a passenger train heading to Pittsfield Massachusetts came upon a disabled freight just North of Trumbull Center. The engineer then decided to back the train back to the Bridgeport depot when it collided with

locomotive “Fairfield” on its first trial run. This normally unscheduled train had departed the Bridgeport depot only fifteen minutes after the Pittsfield bound passenger train. In 1881, a Parlor Rock excursion train from New Milford ran head on into a milk train just North of Parlor Rock. Fortunately, this accident occurred on a rainy day and the excursion train was not carrying many passengers. Only the excursion train’s engineer was instantly killed when the two trains collided. In 1899, an accident North of the Beers Mill station resulted in two deaths. In 1901 a freight train running from Halleyville to Bridgeport met head on with a North bound freight train heading for Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The two trains collided about 1000 feet South of the Beers Mill station, resulting in the deaths of five people. The engineer of the South bound freight survived but lost his arm in the accident. He admitted to have been the cause of the accident when he fell asleep and failed to pull off at the Stepney siding and wait for the North bound freight to pass.

great_train_wreck.jpgThe first accident recorded is that of John Hamann, who was killed prior to 1876, while riding his wagon across the railroad. Charles E. Van Pelt, a brakeman on the Union Pacific, was killed near Shelton, in November, 1876. During the work of repairing the railroad bridge over the Platte, in March, 1884, some timbers gave way and engine, derrick and pile-driver fell into the river. James Dennon was killed and two men injured. Eleven of the 180 horses belonging to Palmer & Talmage, which broke through the corral just north of the city, in September, 1885, were killed by the Denver Union Pacific train, and several animals injured.

John C. W. Longnecker, of Steelton, Pa., was killed by a St. Joseph & Grand Island train, in September, 1885.

Dick Hughes and George Donaldson, brakemen on this road, were killed in November.

D. B. Thompson, of the Union Pacific, was killed March 27, 1886.

The Union Pacific passenger, No. 1, was wrecked at Grand Island in September, 1886. An unknown man was run over and killed by a Union Pacific locomotive (No. 743) at the coal house, April 7, 1887. Other deaths on the rail are referred to, but the dates have not been ascertained. Trains have been ditched in many instances, and snow-bound inside the lines of this county more than once.


During the early, foggy morning hours of December 4th 1891 four trains would meet in East Thompson, Connecticut with disastrous consequences. No one could have known earlier that morning that they were all destined to go down in history in what would later be known as The Great East Thompson Train Wreck. This spectacular crash of four trains, is the only train wreck of its’ kind in the history of railroading in the United States.