Old time train wrecks and derailments

Here are pictures of some historical train wrecks in black and white. These are from the turn of the century and look pretty sick

Some more Black and white old time train wrecks, this one took out the bridge

train derails old locomotive


1889 train accident on a bridge

locomotive or locamotive wreck on bridge in 1900


Marlborough Junc Mass on the New Haven dated Feb 4th 1898. The collision happened on the Clinton and Fitchborough branch. A milk train hauled by 4-4-0 #234 hit head on with a snowplough pushed by two locos (one of which was 823). The 4-4-0 rode up the sloping snowplough blade and perched on the boiler of 823

train crash turn century 1900

Northern Pacific rotary February 11, 1903

On February 10, 1903, betwen Saltese, Montana, and Wallace, Idaho, one Northern Pacific rotary met the full onslaught of the winter snows. A breakdown had trapped them in the deep snow and the crew worked by hand to dig out the train. Inching their way along the tracks in the middle of the night, they halted the train at the “S” Bridge, an 839 foot sinuous trestle on the Coeur d’ Alene branch about 7 miles from Mullan ID, that offered them respite while the snow accumulated in the gulch. A pusher engine and a caboose were left in the open while the remainder rested on solid ground. At seven in the morning a massive snowslide raced down the gulch and ripped out a portion of the bridge. The rear engine and the caboose plunged into the gorge, burying the engine in the deep snow while the caboose and its seven sleeping occupants lay shattered on top. A passenger car, with eight aboard, hung off the end of the broken trestle, dangling from the coupler. Although no-one was killed, it took doctors eleven hours to get the shocked and dazed survivors to the hospital at Wallace.

<old train derailments photo

This turn of the century train derailment happened when the train got snowed in, stopped along a bridge, and the bridge got washed away by snow as the train was on it… talk about bad luck


great old train wreck





Marlborough train wreck, another pick of the train accident from above


1903 train derails, this looks like one sick accident

1903 train accident


to see the rest of the old time train wreck and derailment pictures… just click here




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  1. es muy necesario que los gobiernos tomen cartas en este asunto, debido a que si no hay inspección de la infraestructura ferroviaria existente en cada país seguirá habiendo más accidentes y muchas de las veces el riesgo de gente inocente, son muy lamentables estos sucesos.

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