Poor Moose – Another huge Moose mowed over

Moose mowed over by car, or car mowed over by Moose, neither one fared too well in this encounter.

South River is approximately 40 miles South of North Bay in Ontario. Apparently there are many moose over there and a few are either not too bright or kinda slow.

You would think this kind of thing… yes, moose slams into car… does not happen often, but this is the second post I have done about the subject.

moose mows over car in a serios car wreck

So here is what they say happened.. The Moose went right through the windshield and half out the back…trapping the women underneath it!! Crazy eh? That happened just north of South River…While I was on the phone with the guy reporting it, he says its dead..then all of a sudden he says oh oh its still alive….then he shouts does anyone have a shotgun!!! Can you imagine..trying to shoot the moose with the women underneath!! Quite the call I tell ya! The lucky woman driver ended up with a broken wrist and needed a good bath. The moose’s insides were all over her.

Yikes, amazing and so, so, sad at the same time.


moose involved in auto accident

So why did the Moose cross the Road? well apparently to get to the lady moose on the other dfw_moose_news.jpgside and we know how blinding lust can be.

From an article about the issue of Moose vs. Cars

Hitting a moose with a car is dangerous and the results can be tragic. In September and October, when a cow comes into her breeding cycle there is virtually nothing that can keep an amorous suitor away. Problems arise when this game of “catch me if you can” take moose into residential areas or across major highways. Similarly, in the spring when yearling moose are trying to find a new territory, moose sightings on roads and highways are more frequent. Because they have no predators, moose can be oblivious to the potential dangers posed by cars, trucks, buses and trains and most people are unaware of the number of moose in our midst.




  1. […] from the car wondering where i was. I looked down into the woods and realized what had happened. We hit a moose and went across the interstate got airborn and cleared the whole southbound side, went thru a speed […]

  2. […] moose accident with car, this poor moose got literally cut in half after this moose involved car accident. This is a serious animal involved wreck but luckily, the women driving was ok and there was no baby in the babyseat. This was the scene on a early June morning in northern Ontario Canada. more moose wrecks […]

  3. crazyyyy

  4. interesting picture.i love pictures like this.the reality of living.if you like interesting articles like this, click on the red above this and see my website.

  5. cool


  7. what the heck how did that moose get into that car?!

  8. mooses arent suppose to drive 🙂

  9. awww i love mooses! poor moose!

  10. What’s sad about this that only the surviving woman’s story is being shared. It’s really great that the woman is ok, but the moose suffered a horrible death! I think news articles and the media should teach the public to be extra careful and considerate of the wildlife. People assume that the roads belong only to them, and if animals decide to use them, well then too bad for them. It’s just wrong and sad!

  11. OMFG!!!!!!!! This is soooooo funny.. but it’s a little sad.. AHAHAHAHAHA ((:

  12. I live in Northern Ontario and this happens all the time. Moose are very difficult to see at night, being dark colored. Just this past Saturday morning I nearly hit one that ran out in frnt of me on the highway. Not only are they hard to see in the dark, but they can run very quickly and just suddenly appear in front of you from the side of the road. Hitting one of these beasts at 100 kph is like hitting another car. A full grown moose can weigh in at over 1000lbs, and the problem is their long legs; a car is just high enough to take out their legs, causing them to fall into the car, just as in the photo’s.

  13. omg shouldve killeded the moose thats crazy -___________- killiling a living animal ya ALL goen to hell foo that smfh !

  14. i mean shouldnt had killed that moose smh ! & @santanna theres nothing funny bout that AIGH !

  15. mooses arent suppose to drive

    Ha ha ha !

  16. I LOVE moose, adn I think something needs to happen so this doesn’t happen anymore, it not only endangers the moose, but the people driving the cars. That lady is very lucky sje didn’t ge hurt. Hi to everyone, have agood day!

  17. WHAT is soooo funny, what if that was you???? Think about it poor moose!

  18. P.S. I wasn’t talking to Rick in that commetn

  19. I have never hit a moose, but I have seen one pretty close up, they are huge and spectacular

  20. hi moose lover, I to love mooses

  21. we are very fortunate to have a country blessed with the presence of moose…do you folks agree?

  22. RANK

  23. i dont understand how people can laugh at this pic 😦

  24. Gross!!! IT’s inside were on her?! poor poor lady scarred for life!

  25. babies it’s just a moose…

  26. Shit happends 🙂

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