Odd and Crazy Plane Wrecks and Accidents

This is an odd plane crash, seems the car tried to go under a wing and got caught… odd way to lose a roof.

plane hits suv
Probably having a bad day when you see this in your car mirror.
So what happened to the landing strip that this plane mistook the storm drains for one?
Bad landing?

More plane wrecks

This plane seems to have fallen apart at its seams… glad it was on the ground when it happened
This is most likely the last thing you would want to see looking out the window of the plane you are flying on… talk about freaking out.
Where does the cargo go in the plane?
Odd situation to be in when still on the ground.

Cars on fire

fiery wrecks

The pictures below are stunt cars that are made to catch fire for a show. Thats a serious ball of flames in the air over the crazy car crash.


Here’s another pick of this crazy stunt.


Two cars collide in the air in a blaze of fire.

two cars collide

Another burning stunt


This next picture is not a stunt car, its a car on fire on the side of the freeway

burning car or SUV
more cars on fire

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster vs. BMW

This is a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster in an accident with a BMW, from the looks of it… The cheaper BMW seemed to have taken the crash a bit better than the twisted and torn up totalled Lamborghini Roadster.

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster accident totalled

BMW crash


Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and BMW collide auto wreck

Car Vs. Moose – car crash

moose hit by car in fatal accidentHere is another Moose involved car wreck. There should never be a reason to drive twice the speed limit and it seems stupidity kills.

This happened in New Hampshire and here is the story…

My girlfirend at the time and her two friends were comin back from Lincoln,NH from a friends house on our way to Franconia to pick up a friend of the drivers cuz he was in a car accident of his own and he needed a ride so we were goin down I-93 north in the right lane doin about 110MPH when I looked up and saw something that looked like trees. The next thing I know i’m climbing out of the car tripping over trees that the car had taken down. I heard Heather (my girlfriend) yelling from the car wondering where i was. I looked down into the woods and realized what had happened. We hit a moose and went across the interstate got airborn and cleared the whole southbound side, went thru a speed limit sign, off a big rock and about 75 feet into the woods.

I heard the driver (sara) screaming. She was pinned in the car. The passenger (Amanda) who i was sitting behind wasn’t moving or anything. I found out at the hospital that she died instantly. The moose landed on top of her killing her. Heather got a car to stop (let you know that it’s 1:30am and hardly any cars) and he went to the car to check on Sara and Amanda. I heard tires squeeling and I looked up and watched a tractor trailor truck hit the same moose we did and went across the interstate and flipped over ending up next to our car. I blacked out and woke up in the catscan machine, blacked back out and woke up to them stitching up my head. I split my head open in 3 different spots, broke my nose and my right thumb. Heather had 6 broken ribs and split her forehead open. Sara broke her left hand and the mooses antler cut her face open from the right side of her chin all the way upto her ear. Amanda was dead at the scene. I will never get into another 2 door red vehicle. i have been in 4 different accidents in the past 4 years sitting behind the passenger in 2 door red cars. none of us were wearing seatbelts.

Moose hit and sit accident

Wow, there is all sorts of interest in these Moose VS. Car accidents, so here is another. This guy had a video of the aftermath. The Moose hit the car, went through it and ended up with his or her head out the back window. The Moose was still alive and had to be removed with what looks like a small crane.

Moose Video

Outrageous wrecks and hard falls – sick compilation video

Here is a video I found on a search for sick shit. Its a compilation of some hardcore wrecks, crazy crashes and just plain out stupid behavior. This comp has everything from racing crashes to train accidents to hardcore falls.
My favorite part of the entire video clip… Its gotta be the man in the office cubicle getting pissed at his computer and smashing the screen with his keyboard. That boy may need some anger management sessions.


Airplane on fire caught on video

Yes the Fokker caught fire! Amazingly enough, that is a kind of plane.

1-2-2008 Tehran, Iran
An Iran Air plane carrying 100 passengers skidded off the runway after part of its wing caught fire on take-off from a Tehran airport. On take off in snowfall, the F-100 aircraft suffered a failure in the left engine. The F100 then ran off the side of the runway, caught fire, skidded onto the military ramp and came to near the right wing of a 747 belonging to the Iranian Air Force.

All on board were able to escape with no or minor injuries.
The aircraft was gutted by flames before airport fire service arrived.

while on the subject of airplane crashes and aviation disasters check out the compilation plane wreck video below.