Car Vs. Moose – car crash

moose hit by car in fatal accidentHere is another Moose involved car wreck. There should never be a reason to drive twice the speed limit and it seems stupidity kills.

This happened in New Hampshire and here is the story…

My girlfirend at the time and her two friends were comin back from Lincoln,NH from a friends house on our way to Franconia to pick up a friend of the drivers cuz he was in a car accident of his own and he needed a ride so we were goin down I-93 north in the right lane doin about 110MPH when I looked up and saw something that looked like trees. The next thing I know i’m climbing out of the car tripping over trees that the car had taken down. I heard Heather (my girlfriend) yelling from the car wondering where i was. I looked down into the woods and realized what had happened. We hit a moose and went across the interstate got airborn and cleared the whole southbound side, went thru a speed limit sign, off a big rock and about 75 feet into the woods.

I heard the driver (sara) screaming. She was pinned in the car. The passenger (Amanda) who i was sitting behind wasn’t moving or anything. I found out at the hospital that she died instantly. The moose landed on top of her killing her. Heather got a car to stop (let you know that it’s 1:30am and hardly any cars) and he went to the car to check on Sara and Amanda. I heard tires squeeling and I looked up and watched a tractor trailor truck hit the same moose we did and went across the interstate and flipped over ending up next to our car. I blacked out and woke up in the catscan machine, blacked back out and woke up to them stitching up my head. I split my head open in 3 different spots, broke my nose and my right thumb. Heather had 6 broken ribs and split her forehead open. Sara broke her left hand and the mooses antler cut her face open from the right side of her chin all the way upto her ear. Amanda was dead at the scene. I will never get into another 2 door red vehicle. i have been in 4 different accidents in the past 4 years sitting behind the passenger in 2 door red cars. none of us were wearing seatbelts.



  1. This is really bad … drive safe .. I dont know why you dont drive safe .. BAD .. really bad !

  2. holy shit!!!!!!!

  3. […] rally car is, well rallying when all of a sudden a moose is in there path, comical cartoon style sequence, were the moose appears to bounce of the front of […]

  4. you can check out some great street racing, car videos, and crash vidoes here

  5. I’m doing a PSA on safe driving for a contest and I wanted to know if I could use this picture

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor moose

  7. You had a head-on impact collision at 110 mph, at night, when none of you is wearing seat belts, and after the wreck, the car looks like that. It is astonishing that ANY of you survived.

  8. Hello, I’m writing from an environmentalist NGO. We’d like to use pictures of wildlife/car crashes for our presentations. Would somebody be interested in sending us pictures? and we’ll give the proper credit for it.

  9. dumb asses

  10. wow thats scary. i dont think i want to move anywhere where theres a moose. lol

  11. Everyone speeds and makes mistakes, so no judging on that from me, especially on the open road. We forget humans aren’t the only things that can be on the road to get in our way.

    But a moose!! I know deer can wreck and kill you at 60, so a moose at 45 still would have caused damage, and usually it’s death, not from speed but from the weight of the moose landing. I’m sorry for your loss of your friend, especially under such a horrible circumstance. People posting here are so heartless, like they’ve never had an accident or sped. Then they turn on EVERY person in the car, not even the driver. People, stash your balls and grow a heart.

    Everyone else involved is so lucky to be alive. I hope your long-term pains aren’t severe. Accidents throw everything out of alignment.

  12. me and my dad were going hunting and a moose come up and my dad alomst killed it

  13. I was the one who wrote this article, and I never said anyone could post this on this site, please remove it from your site

  14. lets see, you were going 110 MPH and nobody was wearing their seatbelts. It seems your stupidty is more to blame than a red two door car. Wear a seatbelt and obey the laws. Surprisingly, they could save lives.

  15. @dkdkdkd I was in this car, whoever put this on this site didnt put the rest of it on here. we were told by EMT’s and the police that if we were wearing our seatbelts, only my gf at the time heather would of survived….know the whole story before you run your mouth

  16. @ every one of you mother fuckers who are talking shit on a fucking tragedy should all be fucking killed. My sister was the one who died and I take it as a direct insult as well as my family when you make retarded fucking comments. I know serve in the US Army and this is what I get to see!?? A bunch of good for nothing piece’s of shit commenting how stupid and retarded people are for not wearing a seatbelt and speeding? So this is what I fight for, ignorant, worthless douche bags. Let me catch any of you mother fuckers in the street and I’ll break your fucking face.

  17. now*

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