Odd and Crazy Plane Wrecks and Accidents

This is an odd plane crash, seems the car tried to go under a wing and got caught… odd way to lose a roof.

plane hits suv
Probably having a bad day when you see this in your car mirror.
So what happened to the landing strip that this plane mistook the storm drains for one?
Bad landing?

More plane wrecks

This plane seems to have fallen apart at its seams… glad it was on the ground when it happened
This is most likely the last thing you would want to see looking out the window of the plane you are flying on… talk about freaking out.
Where does the cargo go in the plane?
Odd situation to be in when still on the ground.


  1. all the piolets are ill drivers

  2. really nice pictures , thanks .

  3. that was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. I hate to see all these plane accidents maybe there could be a solution to these accidents it might be the pilot is not aware of the plane or the people who check the plane did’nt focus.

    All the pilots should be trained unil they sort of like get a Platinum certificate so then they can take people to thier destination.

    They should have it like: Silver, Gold, Platium do you know what i mean
    anyways don’t just train them and say you passed people who are pilot’s should be trained until they are very CONFIDENT!!!!!!! so please do that with all the pilots you can if you don’t then you will have more and more ACCIDENT’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So just don’t sit there reading these messages get up and stat training them before i will shut down the plane company. i can do that ecause i am the Queen’s son so do what i say or no more pilots or planes just trains.

  7. i seen one of the pictures at mith busters

  8. omg

  9. I’m takin a plane to England on Thursday, thanx for the images 

  10. sorry

  11. I’m fascinated by airplanes. They are the most unique of all transportation, well, with the exception of camels.

  12. Noce try, half of these are photo shopped….the sliced plane was being dismantled. Jack ass.

  13. I like the one with te missing side pannels. Freeeeaky

  14. very nice

  15. Wow .. thats is so amazing! .. your photo’s are just brilliant.. i think i need to change my pants.

  16. Well i really feel sorry for the images. I love aviation and im not scared of anything. But one minimum thing i can say is MAINTENANCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR AIRPLANES. NO PROPER MAINTENANCE THEN IT’S MORE RISKY. Moreover, pilots should be trained in a professional way and to have the HIGHEST CERTIFICATE. Not any pilot can pass the exam and without experience to start flying . It is a matter of life and responsibility . GOOD LUCK FOR THE PILOTS AND PROPER MAINTENANCE.

  17. looks so fake

  18. i really don’t like seeing these plane crashes. they make me so sad and most times the crashes are not always the pilots fault. some times its some one else. like did you hear about the guy who hit the baseball so high that it caused a plane crash. so other people have to be looking out to so these cant happen anymore. and by the way what queens son are you and if you are his name aint prince charels ok so get your facts strait because in the presidents niece ok so better look up the queen and her son. lol

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  20. i can mace my own pics on the computer so thes is mest up

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