Crazy Video… run over

This is some crazy shit here for sure. I know this has been circulating around the internet for sometime, but yikes. I have to wonder if this crazy video is for real…

ouch, that is some crazy shit

ouch, that is some crazy shit


Crazy Police chase going wrong way down Atlanta highway

This fool got so reckless and maybe just confused that he went the wrong way on the freeway into oncoming traffic. Check out all the cars trying to avoid him and that crazy U-turn he makes towards the end, not to mention the insane hit and chase.

In 2006, about 300 people died yearly over police chases.

So what did this guy do that the police felt they needed to chase him down and run him over? It seems he was accused of theft.

More on this crazy police chase story

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Totally sick subway trains take passengers on designer ride

Not a train crash… just a crazy, crazy subway  train design. Designer train rides to work in Asia. Compared to the subways in some parts of Asia, ours in the US are totally crapy. Check out these colorful rides to work. I believe these colorful subway cars are in Korea.



disney subway train car

cool subway car

neon subway silly train ride

cool subway car sick train ride


xmas on the subway in seoul