The great beer-troversy – alcohol abuse in form of beer truck wreck and spill

Highway in Canada. Crazy giant accident that spilled 2,184 cases of Grolsch beer.

A sea of green glass bottles filles the lanes as Grolsch beer runs in streams
down the highway. I wonder how many Canadian Moose got a bit
buzzed and walked into traffic on that day. Moose is always a bit
contreversial around here for some reason and there are always Moose gettin hit by trains, planes and automobiles.

Anyway, the beer highway spill story goes…. A woman driving a car, swerved out of her lane and into the path of a Molson beer truck, causing the truck to roll over and the car to flip. One officer described the scene as “a sea of beer”. The woman’s life was most likely saved, the brew, not so lucky.

Yes this is a case of beer abuse at its finest.

Check out the sea of green glass below, pretty crazy shit. I hope all the
forest animals watch thier step through that mess.


If anyone knows which highway this is that the truck crashed on, please do share.


Have a drink on me? this dude seems to have found a bottle intact after
this crazy crash



Stop in the name of the WALL!

Now these guys are serious about this one. Stop, or we will run your dumb ass into a wall… however, this did not go as planned.

I hear the car they were chasing did eventually get caught, and the homeowner liked the new remodel and abstract art piece of “cop car through the bedroom wall”

stop in the name of the law and the wall police car crash into wall

Nick Heidfeld Indy car crash

Indy car race fans… here is one serious racing wreck. Its hard to believe anyone made it through this. The car wrecked and rolled over and over. Nick Heidfeld is interviewed in the video as well.


Stupid driver Riding the brown water rapids in a truck

So the joke goes stupid people should not breed, but this proves that stupid people should not drive either

and this stupid driver here, forgot he had someone in the back when he decides to jump that hill

and this one here… well this gives new meaning to stupidity… WTF? I’m happy that fool wrecked his truck, the idiot jumped out of it