Deer Vs. Car – Auto Accident

From the Lancaster county sheriffs department we get this crazy crash, not crazy because it happened, but rather what the driver did afterwards with a deer mounted in his grill.
Deer Accident with deer stuck in grill
It seems the Driver, Drove down to the bar with the deer still mounted on the grill. Called the Sheriff’s who came down and pulled the deer out. You know the dude needed a drink after this, so why not wait for help at the bar if you can.

Here is another “deadly for the deer” crash, you cant see the deer in the pic, but you may be able to see what the animal had for lunch.
Deer guts after deer car accident
The deer went through the windshield, basically disecting itself, all over the interior of the car and the occupants.


funny pictures

Maybe these people should have minded the signs, written on posts by humans, or circulating in the ait by mother nature herself. Either way, the cars, them, and the car wrecks they got in all had one thing in common… They were all wet.

Yes, the following pictures of crazy crashes all crashed into a body of water, lake, River, Storm Drain…

This car crash went on a swim for sure

car in lake
car rescue part I

Car rescue part II

Poor auto just got soaked
This one just wanted to take a dive… and yes, the little car may have scored a 10.0 on that trick
car crash into lake


poor moose mowed down by car

female moose hits a car in auto wreck


This wreck had a very bad ending. poor moose, she did not survive this one.

poor moose hit by car in canada

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bad canadian car wreck

Nice job parking…fellas

check out these pics of outstanding parking

parking lot crash auto



car crashes into pole


car in lake

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