Cars on fire

fiery wrecks

The pictures below are stunt cars that are made to catch fire for a show. Thats a serious ball of flames in the air over the crazy car crash.


Here’s another pick of this crazy stunt.


Two cars collide in the air in a blaze of fire.

two cars collide

Another burning stunt


This next picture is not a stunt car, its a car on fire on the side of the freeway

burning car or SUV
more cars on fire


Airplane on fire caught on video

Yes the Fokker caught fire! Amazingly enough, that is a kind of plane.

1-2-2008 Tehran, Iran
An Iran Air plane carrying 100 passengers skidded off the runway after part of its wing caught fire on take-off from a Tehran airport. On take off in snowfall, the F-100 aircraft suffered a failure in the left engine. The F100 then ran off the side of the runway, caught fire, skidded onto the military ramp and came to near the right wing of a 747 belonging to the Iranian Air Force.

All on board were able to escape with no or minor injuries.
The aircraft was gutted by flames before airport fire service arrived.

while on the subject of airplane crashes and aviation disasters check out the compilation plane wreck video below.