New meaning to pole position as Formula car crashes into a pole

Video of a race track crash where the car hits the pole and fence and wrecks hard. Do not think this one will re-join the race at this one.


Nick Heidfeld Indy car crash

Indy car race fans… here is one serious racing wreck. Its hard to believe anyone made it through this. The car wrecked and rolled over and over. Nick Heidfeld is interviewed in the video as well.


Crazy crashes and pile up pictures


here are some more insane crashes, the giant pile up here has more hars stacked on top of each other than you can even count… way too sick. You gotta wonder what the hell happened to create a chain reaction wreck like this.

sick and crazy car crash of multi car pile up

The next two pics are of motorcycle crashes, the 2nd one is just sick as the shot is taken of the race bike running over the other racer.

bike crash motorcycle wreck

motor bike or motorcycle runs over man in a race