Plane Crashes – the firey ones

Up in flames – unfortunately with these plane crashes.  Image from Nasa below of a firey plane wreck

Plane on fire after accident

Plane on fire after accident

Yikes, this is the most black smoke I have seen coming from a crashed plane

plane crash and black smoke

plane crash and black smoke

This plane crash is really kinda odd, the plane crashed onto a cemetary… talk about fate.

Plane crash into cemetary

Plane crash into cemetary


Odd and Crazy Plane Wrecks and Accidents

This is an odd plane crash, seems the car tried to go under a wing and got caught… odd way to lose a roof.

plane hits suv
Probably having a bad day when you see this in your car mirror.
So what happened to the landing strip that this plane mistook the storm drains for one?
Bad landing?

More plane wrecks

This plane seems to have fallen apart at its seams… glad it was on the ground when it happened
This is most likely the last thing you would want to see looking out the window of the plane you are flying on… talk about freaking out.
Where does the cargo go in the plane?
Odd situation to be in when still on the ground.

Airplane on fire caught on video

Yes the Fokker caught fire! Amazingly enough, that is a kind of plane.

1-2-2008 Tehran, Iran
An Iran Air plane carrying 100 passengers skidded off the runway after part of its wing caught fire on take-off from a Tehran airport. On take off in snowfall, the F-100 aircraft suffered a failure in the left engine. The F100 then ran off the side of the runway, caught fire, skidded onto the military ramp and came to near the right wing of a 747 belonging to the Iranian Air Force.

All on board were able to escape with no or minor injuries.
The aircraft was gutted by flames before airport fire service arrived.

while on the subject of airplane crashes and aviation disasters check out the compilation plane wreck video below.

Top 5 worst air disasters in history

These are the top 5 worst plane wrecks of all time.

#1? well you may have guessed this one.

#1 9/11 terrorist hijacking. The known casualty count is at almost 3000 people here that were killed either in the plane or on the ground – 2907 dead from known reports

Date: September 11, 2001
Location: New York, NY
New York, NY
Arlington, Virginia
Shanksville, Pennsylvania
Aircraft: Boeing 767-223ER
Boeing B-767-222
Boeing B-757-223
Boeing B-757-222
Reg: N334AA
Airline: American Airlines
United Airlines
American Airlines
United Airlines
Flight No: 11
Fatalities: 265 : 265 +2583

American Airlines, Flight 11, a Boeing 767, Boston to Los Angeles, hits the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th.


United Airlines, Flight 175, a Boeing 767, on a scheduled flight from Boston to Los Angeles, crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York.


American Airlines, Flight 77, a Boeing 757, Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, moments after crashing into the Pentagon.


Wreckage of United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757, Newark to San Francisco, crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


#2 Pan Am B747 in 1977 Tenerife, Canary Islands – 583 dead



The remains of a Pan Am B747 (top) and KLM B747 (bottom) in Tenerife, Canary Islands in the second worst aviation disaster in history, which killed a total of 583 people. The KLM 747 collided with a Pan Am 747 after the captain of the KLM plane started his takeoff roll without clearance.


Date: August 12, 1985
Location: Mt. Osutaka, near Ueno Village, Japan
Aircraft: Boeing B-747-SR46
Reg: JA8119
Airline: Japan Air Lines
Flight No: 123
Fatalities: 524 : 520
The wreckage of a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 that crashed on Mt. Osutaka, Japan. Five-hundred twenty people out of 524 aboard were killed. Improper repairs by Boeing after a tail strike 7 years earlier, led to a rupture of the pressure bulkhead and loss of all controls.



Date: November 12, 1996
Location: Near Charkhidadri, India
Aircraft: Boeing B-747-168B / Ilyushin IL-76TD
Reg: HZ-AIH / UN-76435
Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines / Kazastan Airlines
Flight No: 763 / 1907
Fatalities: 349 : 349
The remains of a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 after a midair collision with a Kazastan Airlines Ilyushin 76 over New Delhi, India resulting in the loss of 349 lives. Reports vary but a misunderstanding of directions between the ATC and the Ilyushin 76 plane seems to have led to the accident.



Date: March 03, 1974
Location: Near Ermenonville, France
Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10
Airline: Turkish Airlines
Flight No: 981
Fatalities: 346 : 346

Not many pieces of wreckage larger than 3 feet long could be found after a Turkish Airlines DC-10 crashed into a forest at a high rate of speed at Ermenonville, France. A defective latching mechanism on the cargo door caused it to fail in flight resulting in decompression and loss of all hydraulic control



crazy crashes you really gotta wonder about

So exactly how the hell do some of these boats, trains and planes end up in the odd positions they are in… this giant ship for instance, I don’t think it really belogs on its side.

how did the boat fall over - cruise ship accident

and these people here should realize they are riding in a boat and not on top of a school of salmon

boat crash up river

We all know airplanes need gas, but you would never expect the passenger jet to crash into your local Chevron to get itplane crash passenger jet crashes into gas station

This one really makes you scratch your head. What is a train doing coming out of a building?

odd train crash, old train crashes into a building

Worst air show plane disaster ever

This is a disaster at an air show in Oregon, This is the worst air show disaster ever recorded and I believe 85 people got killed, including a pilot. They say this may have been caused by a bird getting into the engine, but do not rule out pilot error and risky stunts.

Here is a news cast of what looks like the same fighter crash, It was a Russian (Ukrainian) plane that caused the crash