Crazy Police chase going wrong way down Atlanta highway

This fool got so reckless and maybe just confused that he went the wrong way on the freeway into oncoming traffic. Check out all the cars trying to avoid him and that crazy U-turn he makes towards the end, not to mention the insane hit and chase.

In 2006, about 300 people died yearly over police chases.

So what did this guy do that the police felt they needed to chase him down and run him over? It seems he was accused of theft.

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Outrageous wrecks and hard falls – sick compilation video

Here is a video I found on a search for sick shit. Its a compilation of some hardcore wrecks, crazy crashes and just plain out stupid behavior. This comp has everything from racing crashes to train accidents to hardcore falls.
My favorite part of the entire video clip… Its gotta be the man in the office cubicle getting pissed at his computer and smashing the screen with his keyboard. That boy may need some anger management sessions.


Crazy crashes revisited

Here are some more crazy crashes and insane wrecks from this YouTube compilation video. This is a great compilation of insane looking racing wrecks. Lots of car roll-overs and racing in the dirt… also there is a clip of a race car flying 30 feet or so into the air… check it out… Crazy Crashes part 2.