Jimmie Johnson 2009 Nascar Wreck

Jimmie Johnson hits wall and wrecks in Southern 500


Freeway pile up caused by police chase

This makes me sick.

This crazy crash looks intense from the police dashboard cam. Unsafe police chase? maybe?

The chased driver hits the van, which smashes into the truck next to it. The van really does look crushed.

I get so angry when I see these types of police chases. There is zero reason to get motorists killed over having to chase some dumb fool who just bought some weed or whatever. It’s even worse when they do it over a DUI (DWI)… the fool is already drunk, so lets chase him and get him going even faster.

What is so hard about following in a helicopter or getting the plate and arresting them later? Maybe cops gotta have fun too and the chase gives them a rush? too bad 100’s of people die every year due to their need for excitement.
my 2 cents.

Sick street racing crash takes many lives

Insane sick street racing accident The headlines said 8 dead but if you count up the bodies of 7 died at the scene and 1 died in the hospital. This happened Saturday in Accokeek, MD at 3:40 AM

This story below really makes me say WTF? I have so many issues with these people who insist on putting unsusspecting drivers at risk just to race in the streets. People at 4AM may be driving home from work, but they should not be driving to their own executions.

Another question is about the people there, one of the witnesses states that her father died because she only had time to grab her child and move out of the way and not her father… again.. WTF!

sick street racing disaster fatal car racing in street accidentIt is 3:40 AM, why are you idiots having a family picnic in the middle of the freeway with your entire family, kids included. Why would any parent have a child standing in the middle of a freeway at 4 AM?

I have watche Brittney Spears get railroaded for minor offences regarding her children. It makes me sick that no body is even asking why kids are playing in the middle of a highway at 4AM. These people are not victims, they caused the deadly crash by partying in the freeway. I hear about street racing accidents weekly and unfortunately, many times the unknowing driver is the one who dies.

What makes me even sicker, is that these fools are trying to pin the blame on the driver who had no idea people were standing in the freeway or there was street racing going on… again.. WTF?

When will these fools ever learn that racing is done at a track for a reason. I think the police should arrest everyone of the surviving fools and charge them with manslaughter because without the giant “family” crowds at 3:40 AM, there would be no street drag racing.

street racing fatal crash accokeek

ACCOKEEK, Md. – A car plowed into a crowd that had gathered to watch a drag race on a suburban road early Saturday, killing eight people and injuring at least five, police said.

Police said the white sedan was not involved in the street race but accidentally drove into the crowd of about 50 people that had spilled onto the highway to watch two racing cars speed off.

“There were just bodies everywhere; it was horrible,” said Crystal Gaines, 27, whose father was among the dead.

Gaines said she grabbed her child but could not help her father, William Gaines Sr., 61.

“He wasn’t breathing, he wasn’t moving,” she said. “His body was in pieces.” Gaines said the car did not have its lights on, but police could not confirm that.

The white sedan hit people standing on the side of Route 210 around 3:40 a.m., Prince George’s County Police Cpl. Clinton Copeland said. A tractor-trailer that came by shortly afterward may also have struck someone on the road as it tried to avoid the crash, he said.

“It’s probably one of the worst scenes I’ve seen,” Copeland said. “This is a situation that could have been avoided, and it’s a very tragic situation.”

The victims ranged in age from their 20s to 60s, police said. Seven people were pronounced dead at the scene, and an eighth died later at a hospital.

Hours after the accident on the divided highway in Accokeek, bodies covered in white sheets were scattered along what police were calling a 200-yard crime scene. Some were in the road, while others were on the shoulder.

The sedan came to a rest on an embankment about 150 feet from where the crowd had been. It had a crumpled front and hood, and the roof had partially collapsed.

The driver of the white sedan had been interviewed and did not appear to be seriously hurt, Police Capt. Donald Frick said. Police said a body found in the car was one of the spectators and not a passenger as they had previously reported.

The crowd then moved into the road to watch the cars drive away. The combination of the smoke and the dark morning likely meant the driver of the approaching white sedan could not see the crowd. No charges were pending.

Read more about this horrific street racing accident 

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster vs. BMW

This is a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster in an accident with a BMW, from the looks of it… The cheaper BMW seemed to have taken the crash a bit better than the twisted and torn up totalled Lamborghini Roadster.

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster accident totalled

BMW crash


Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and BMW collide auto wreck

Poor Moose – Another huge Moose mowed over

Moose mowed over by car, or car mowed over by Moose, neither one fared too well in this encounter.

South River is approximately 40 miles South of North Bay in Ontario. Apparently there are many moose over there and a few are either not too bright or kinda slow.

You would think this kind of thing… yes, moose slams into car… does not happen often, but this is the second post I have done about the subject.

moose mows over car in a serios car wreck

So here is what they say happened.. The Moose went right through the windshield and half out the back…trapping the women underneath it!! Crazy eh? That happened just north of South River…While I was on the phone with the guy reporting it, he says its dead..then all of a sudden he says oh oh its still alive….then he shouts does anyone have a shotgun!!! Can you imagine..trying to shoot the moose with the women underneath!! Quite the call I tell ya! The lucky woman driver ended up with a broken wrist and needed a good bath. The moose’s insides were all over her.

Yikes, amazing and so, so, sad at the same time.


moose involved in auto accident

So why did the Moose cross the Road? well apparently to get to the lady moose on the other dfw_moose_news.jpgside and we know how blinding lust can be.

From an article about the issue of Moose vs. Cars

Hitting a moose with a car is dangerous and the results can be tragic. In September and October, when a cow comes into her breeding cycle there is virtually nothing that can keep an amorous suitor away. Problems arise when this game of “catch me if you can” take moose into residential areas or across major highways. Similarly, in the spring when yearling moose are trying to find a new territory, moose sightings on roads and highways are more frequent. Because they have no predators, moose can be oblivious to the potential dangers posed by cars, trucks, buses and trains and most people are unaware of the number of moose in our midst.


Car crash?

I guess I am not as sharp as I thought I was. I really thought this was a car crash, then realized its some really crazy piece of art on the wall.



Stop in the name of the WALL!

Now these guys are serious about this one. Stop, or we will run your dumb ass into a wall… however, this did not go as planned.

I hear the car they were chasing did eventually get caught, and the homeowner liked the new remodel and abstract art piece of “cop car through the bedroom wall”

stop in the name of the law and the wall police car crash into wall